Get the fuck outta here lyrics

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I gotta cop new watch, fresh grill and new cloths I'm trying to come back candy low, side ways on fours I gotta get that bread, it be money ova these hoes 'Cause my friends be turning to foes and harsh words lead to blows. When I been player on the day I became a U. You gotta check out. Tour Update: Get the fuck outta here, Nena Get the fuck outta here, Paper Get the fuck outta here, Wall Get the fuck outta here Yeah, I'ma spitter, you other cats be on littler That's probably why you just penny pushing and I'm bigger So you hate on me 'cause you like Paper and I'm gritter With two Biancas up on my arms like John Ritter Oh my goodness, is they talking shit again?

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I do this for my partner standing out there on the block And do this for 'em haters on the sideline at night Despite what they be saying I just can't seem to stop Gettin' this guap, I gotta a lot, partner, I'm almost to the top.

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Get the Fuck Outta Here

I stay in the zone like twenty eight's in a baggie A veteran stands here a rookie niggas at his knees Grab these, shove middle fingers in the sky Tell it like it is when I rap so y'all identify. Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Tour Update: They mad at me 'cause I'm the shit while they just shit And I get up off my ass and get it while they just sit They upset 'cause I'm getting bread while they layin' in bed Even tho I started off at the bottom I'm hundred miles ahead. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Favorite Setlist.

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get the fuck outta here lyrics
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get the fuck outta here lyrics
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get the fuck outta here lyrics
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